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2017 Guangzhou International Laser & Welding Industry Exhibition

Post Date: 29 Dec 2016    Viewed: 4415

Date: March 1-3, 2017

Venue: China Import and Export Commodities Fair Exhibition Hall

The 11th Guangzhou International Laser & Welding Industry Exhibition will be held at China Import and Export Commodities Fair Exhibition Hall on March 1-3, 2017. Relying on geographical advantages of industrial clusters in south China and global network resources of Frankfurt, Laser & Welding successfully gathers high and new technology and advanced equipment and products about laser and welding.

As one of the influential trade shows in Asia, we will adhere to the principle of specialization, internationalization and branding to create the industry's leading business communication platform, and help you explore the market opportunities.

Exhibits include Laser & welding tools and safety products:

Laser: Laser processing technology and equipment; Laser processing systems and components; Laser rapid prototyping technology and equipment; Laser material additive manufacturing technology and equipment; Laser heat treatment technology and equipment; Laser measurement technology and equipment. Welding: Welding technology and equipment; Welding materials; Welding robots; Welding inspection equipment and consumables; Welding CAD/CAM software.

The reasons you can't miss laser & welding:

A, The buyers composed of industry leading enterprises, will help you to find the global market through precise business matching;

B, It is held by domestic leading professional organizer;

C, At the same time, it will set up characteristic exhibition areas, including 3D printing area, metal processing exhibition area, mold exhibition area, etc. to help you contact target buyers faster;

D, To help you improve your brand visibility and influence through the powerful media at home and abroad, industry organizations, EDM and a variety of ways for all-round publicity;

E, Based on the pearl river delta, Southeast Asia, and major economic growth points, to help you seize the market opportunities with regional advantages.

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Superhard Material of China

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Abrasives and Grinding Products of China

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Coated Abrasives of China

Chia International Abrasives & Grinding Exposition

China International Abrasives & Grinding Exposition

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