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                Foshan Ka Chun Garment Co. Ltd.  
                ABOUT US
                ABOUT US
                ● Introduction
                ● Development history
                ● Video
                ● Factory
                ● B&R
                ● Trainning in Rwanda
                ●  FR Series(9)
                ●  Stretchy Series(13)
                ●  Work wear(6)
                ●  Waterproof Jacket(21)
                ●  Softshell Jacket(9)
                ●  Sweat Shirt(4)
                ●  Polo & T Shirt(10)
                ●  Vest(7)
                ● Enterprise News
                Home ABOUT US Introduction

                Ka Chun Garment Co., Ltd .was founded in 1992 in Chencun—a small town located  in the south of China, and has remained in this beautiful location.

                As we are committed to our roots, we are equally dedicated to our work developing ,designing and manufacturing  personal safety protective garments and materials.For over more than 20 years, we have put continuous  efforts and investments into our work, and have achieved great strides. Some of our products have been approved as patented products by the National Patent Office  of China.

                We focus on providing customers with safety products and professional services. While our focus is to ensure our products are safe and functional, we also consider how we can make our products ; look more fashionable and pleasing to wear.

                We sell our products and services  domestically and internationally.

                Our work is guided by key principles and values. These include:

                “Create values and extend those values to our customers”
                “Be a responsible person and employee, and in turn be a responsible company”
                “Keep customers pleasantly surprised by innovations in our products”

                Building on the momentum of the growing textile industry, we set up our Africa factory C & H GARMENT CO.LTD. in Rwanda, in 2014. Since then, C&H Garment Co and Ka Chun Garment Co are able to offer duty-free products to customers throughout Europe, USA, Canada and elsewhere.

                With strong belief “Growing together, developing together, sharing together.” C&H  combined dynamic local staff and expatriates from overseas as well. We keep on exploring the successful ways for the industry to transform “Made in China” to “Made in Africa” as well as to fulfill the purpose of creating working opportunities for African people.

                COMPANY INFO
                Development history
                Trainning in Rwanda
                FR Series
                Stretchy Series
                Work wear
                Waterproof Jacket
                Softshell Jacket
                Sweat Shirt
                Polo & T Shirt
                Uncle An
                Li Cheng
                Contact us

                No.38, Baichen Road, Nanchong, Chencun, Shunde, Foshan,

                Guangdong, 528313, P.R. China

                TEL: 0757-23331223 EXT 8767  FAX: 0757-23331228

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