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                Foshan Ka Chun Garment Co. Ltd.  
                ABOUT US
                ABOUT US
                ● Introduction
                ● Development history
                ● Video
                ● Factory
                ● B&R
                ● Trainning in Rwanda
                ●  FR Series(9)
                ●  Stretchy Series(13)
                ●  Work wear(6)
                ●  Waterproof Jacket(21)
                ●  Softshell Jacket(9)
                ●  Sweat Shirt(4)
                ●  Polo & T Shirt(10)
                ●  Vest(7)
                ● Enterprise News
                Home ABOUT US Development history


                --Founded July 1st, 1992  as  "Shunde Chencun  Ka Chun Garment factory ".

                -In February, 1995, the  factory was relocated to  Minzu Road . Three years later, it moved to  Lezhu  industrial zone.

                -2003, 3M China giajun Company Limited is authorized as “3M Li [Scotchlite] visual reflective material products and 3M Thinsulate insulation materials [Thinsulate] special products manufacturers and suppliers”.

                -In 2003, Ka Chun was permitted to do import and export business by government. 

                -In 2004 received the Quality Management System Certification  GB/T19001-2000/ISO9001:2000 .

                -In Mar 2005 moved to No. 105 National Highway and changed its name to “Foshan Shunde Chencun Ka Chun Garment CO.,Ltd”.

                -In 2005,  received the “ United Nations Organization  ‘recognized clothing supplier”’designation.
                -In 2006,  set up the export department, to open up international trade business.

                - In 2008 renamed to “Foshan Ka Chun Garment CO.,Ltd”.

                -In 2009 certified for Environmental Management System GB/T24001-2004/ ISO14001:2004.

                -In 2009passed the credit enterprise audit for the Shunde District Trade and Industry Bureau contract.

                -In 2010 identified as a Credit Class A business by the market security department of China.

                -In 2010 received certification for the measurement system .

                -In 2010 got the title  “dragon enterprise” of Shunde District.

                -In 2011 certified for the GB/T28001-2001 Conformity of Occupational Health and Safety Management system.

                -In 2011 to obtain the “National Industrial Products Production license”

                - In 2014 Vice chairman of the  National Industrial and Commercial Counselor of the State Council, Mr Yifu Lin led  a research group to visit the company.

                -In June, 2014, obtained the qualification of “Ministry of Public Security Police Uniforms” Production Enterprise”.

                -In 2014 joined the National Standards Committee and in  September issued the first batch of national standards for  the drafting of the “Forest Fire Service” Standard”.

                -In October 2014 was among the first batch of private enterprises  designated as an official production enterprise of “China people’s Liberation Army”.

                -In Dec, 2014 founded the, “Guangdong Chencun Li Cheng , Charitable Foundation”.

                -In  May, 2015  the company moved to the current  place at  No. 38, Baichen Road, Nanchong, Chencun, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong.

                -In 2015 received GB/T19022-2003/ISO10012:2003 measurement management system certification.

                -In 2015 our own branding “Uncle An,” and  “- Special Uniform” products  were  awarded as “Brand-name Product” in Guangdong Province”.

                -In 2015 gained the title of “ Functional Protective  Service Engineering  Center” in Foshan City.

                -In 2015 our patented product ANS’ Reflective Tape was identified as “Guangdong High Tech Products”.

                -In 2015 gain the title of “High Tech Enterprise”

                COMPANY INFO
                Development history
                Trainning in Rwanda
                FR Series
                Stretchy Series
                Work wear
                Waterproof Jacket
                Softshell Jacket
                Sweat Shirt
                Polo & T Shirt
                Uncle An
                Li Cheng
                Contact us

                No.38, Baichen Road, Nanchong, Chencun, Shunde, Foshan,

                Guangdong, 528313, P.R. China

                TEL: 0757-23331223 EXT 8767  FAX: 0757-23331228

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